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Pawly™ Bath Towel

Pawly™ Bath Towel

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Tired Of Your Dog Shaking Off Water All Over Your Home After A Bath?

Dry your dog with the Pawly Bath Towel and never worry about water stains on your floor again!

As pet owners, not all of us have the luxury of bringing our pets to the groomer for a haircut or even for a good bath. For most of us, we bathe our pets ourselves. Giving our pets a bath can be messy and getting them dry afterward without them shaking off water everywhere is a challenge!

That's the reason we invented this dog bathrobe! It is soft, comfy and is made from microfiber material to ensure maximum drying speed while providing comfort for your furry friend!

The dog bathrobe offers an excellent solution for safeguarding your pets from getting chilled after a bath or when they've been out in the rain.

Its super-soft fabric ensures that your pet remains warm, dry, and snug. This versatile dog towel wrap can be utilized in various situations, including post-shower drying, rainy day walks, and water play during outings.

Its quick-drying feature is complemented by a user-friendly adjustable strap and waist belt design, making it effortless to put on and remove from your furry friends. Additionally, it can serve as a protective layer on colder days, keeping your pets toasty and comfortable.

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